Our Philosophy

While post-acute care is a relatively small segment of the health care continuum (approximately 15 percent of Medicare expenditures), these patients have become a critical market segment in today’s changing environment.  Although relatively low in volume, post-acute patients are often the most medically complex, functionally impaired, and costly patients within a health system.  And, under most shared-risk financial models, including ACOs and bundled payments, these are the patients that present the greatest financial risk for providers.

As such, post-acute providers must first meet the patient’s clinical and functional needs so that the patient can return safely to the community if possible.  In addition, post-acute providers must increasingly be able to demonstrate positive outcomes and low cost to payors in order to receive full reimbursement, including provider incentives comparing outcomes to industry standards.  At the same time, post-acute programs must continue to support the discharge planning and throughput needs of its acute care partners and referral sources.

The strength of Walter Consulting lies in our ability to provide integrated solutions that meet the needs of the many constituents in today’s healthcare environment. We will help your organization develop a results-oriented plan that manages the diverse needs of complex patient populations, acute care referral sources, and the post-acute providers and networks.